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  • Bryce Crawford

Wu-Tang is for the gluten-free: Themed ruckus this Sunday in Queen Anne

There's something about Wu-Tang Clan that just pumps you up. Like, I've been sitting here for 10 minutes trying to find something food-related that rhymes with "cash" to explain the controlling influences in my immediate area.

But let's just use the shaolin sword to cut to the chase and introduce All in Together Now, a 36-course "celebration of everything Wu-Tang" from chef Syd Suntha coming this Sunday, Sept. 11, to the Queen Anne Beer Hall.

The extravaganza features 18 courses prepared by nine Seattle chefs (Suntha, Shubert Ho, Denali Foglietti, Demond Thomas, Dave Storm, Mackenzie Devito, Ed Smith, Luis Brambila, and Rhys Nunnelee), in addition to nine craft-drink pairings and nine "Wu-Tang themed performances."

The gluten-free set is well cared for, as well, with a full menu featuring items like:

  • Reunion ("Bring the muther fuckin' fungus!")

  • If You Want Beets Then Bring the Ruckus

  • Ube I Like It Raw

  • Wu-Tang Flan ("Strawberry-white chocolate trifflin MF'ers")

Check out all the GF goodness below and hit the link above for tickets.

(Images: Courtesy Syd Suntha)

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