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Bryce Crawford

I lived the first 34 years of my life in Colorado, where I learned journalism as a staff writer at the Colorado Springs Independent and was decorated multiple times by the Society of Professional Journalists for feature writing and restaurant criticism. After leaving the newspaper, I freelanced for Springs Magazine, EnCompass Magazine, Colorado Fun Guide, the Portland Mercury and others; appeared on Colorado Public Radio, KOA 850 AM, and FOX21-TV; and founded the Rocky Mountain Food Report, which continues today under the stellar Dionne Roberts.

Now I'm lucky to call the Pacific Northwest home with my wife Edie (pictured), our two little Chihuahua rescues, and one ornery parrot. It's also here in the Seattle area where I recently discovered an unpleasant sensitivity to gluten and embarked on a new way of eating. At the same time, I never lost the bug to share news and support my community, so don't forget to send me your hot tips and any feedback via the Contact page, and otherwise I hope you enjoy reading Gluten-Free Seattle.

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