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  • Bryce Crawford

Grain Artisan Bakery debuts new yeasted bread

Lauren Anderson and her Snohomish-based Grain Artisan Bakery have long been favorites for gluten-free baked treats like cinnamon rolls, cake slices, cookies, scones and more.

Now a post on Instagram reveals the debut of new yeasted bread in three flavors: cinnamon raisin, asiago herb, and mountain white with oat crust. But Anderson isn't stopping there, with roasted-garlic-and-rosemary to soon follow.

"We're still working out a packaging situation and after this weekend dropping five minutes off the bake time to assist in longevity of the bread on your counter," the bakery writes.

On the post, she lists organic sorghum, millet, teff, tapioca, and organic amaranth as part of the base ingredients.

GFS has reached out to Anderson for more details on her process and hopes to have more from Grain Artisan in the future.

In the meantime, it's all good news. "We are excited for this new launch," the bakery writes, "and more to come!"

(Photo courtesy Grain Artisan Bakery)

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